AV Solutions

Video Display Devices

Horder Communication Solutions can offer a wide variety of solutions for display devices suitable anything from a small conference space to a video wall for 1000 viewers. It is critical to understand Building/Room design and environment in order to select the best display device for your needs.

We are able to supply and install the following integrated solutions depending on your needs:

  • LCD Television Panels
  • Projectors
  • Video Walls (Multiple LCD Panels forming any size)

We also have experience in integrating the above solutions to LCD touch control displays and audio systems to provide an easy to use high quality and reliable solution. Take a look at our Media Gallery for photos from our projects.

Distributed Audio

Understanding audio and how it interacts with a space is critical in designing a solution which best meets the customers needs. Having successfully designed and installed several very large distributed audio systems, we know we have the experience and tools to deliver the best outcome for you. We have installed audio systems for:

  • School PA systems
  • Warehouse PA and background audio
  • Conference spaces
  • Outdoor stands/stadiums
  • Theatres

We have significant experience in programming Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based solutions which is normally required for large scale solutions. If you need a large scale audio system, we would love to hear from you. Take a look at our Media Gallery for photos from our projects.

Distributed Video

Some of our most recent projects have included delivering large scale distributed video accross a network to a significant number of Television end points. We have implemented solutions which:

  • Broadcast Live video to display endpoints (TV’s, Projectors etc).
  • Allow end users to watch Commercial (Free and paid) TV stations of there choice in accomodation.
  • Allow the business owner to deliver video content to any number of display devices (or different groups of).