GPON Camp Solution


HCS is able to offer a comprehensive GPON; (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), based communications solution for the resources sector remote accommodation camps.

HCS as a systems integrator is able to offer a range of equipment and technology solutions determined by the specific needs of a client and the camp they need to establish.

Our Triple Play, (Data and Wideband RF), GPON offering is based on Lasers and EDFA from Arris and GPON OLT and ONT from Alphion and Optical components from Tyco. These components provide a cost effective rugged communications backbone delivering the following to each 4 unit accommodation building;

  • 4 ports of 10/100 Ethernet
  • 4 ports of SIP based 2 wire POTS
  • 1 GHz wideband RF for TV distribution

Our simple fibre distribution system is rapid deploy with a minimum of onsite termination utilising re-usable system components.

We can supply and implement Camp wide Wireless solutions from Rukus combined with RG-Nets backend content control and revenue collection systems.

Our MATV Headend solutions can offer digital or Analogue TV distribution from VAST combined with Foxtel distributed either as conventional Analogue or the new TDT based IQ Set Top Box per room solution.

We partner with a range of Satellite providers and can provide for all backhaul and VSAT installation requirements.

Our VOIP Telephony solutions are robust and optimised for Satellite Backhaul and can be sourced from a number of VOIP telephony partners depending on the specific needs of the solution.